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The Pull Festival was created and designed to foster the creation of new plays and encouraging new writers to explore their voice. It was also designed to give a playing space for emerging actors to be seen. The 10-minute play model has been an incredible gateway for new audiences; including a younger demographic that is either uninterested or tired of the traditional night out to the theatre. The wide-ranging scope of stories and style explored at Pull (six or seven plays in one night) ensures there is always something for everyone. The Festival is truly built to foster and encourage emerging artists and emerging audiences.


Pull Festival is local, and grass roots. A true ensemble experience. Directors, designers, actors, writers, producers and stage management are all equal in the festival's eyes. This also extends to the financial structure of the festival. All proceeds are directly applied to the production and team, and everybody involved has an equal share in the project.


In addition to being an independent success, our festival has been a brilliant launch pad for many artists involved. From 10 minute plays being optioned for screenplays, to being expanded to full pieces, and actors getting exposure for further work opportunities.


I started the Pull Festival in 2010. I was an emerging artist, and I had never produced anything to date. I noticed a great deal of talented artists who were all 


craving a space to create. A format that was accessible and exciting. A place to play, be seen, and heard. I wanted the Festival to be an environment for

experimentation and fun. A great friend once said about the festival, "It's like Mom and Dad went out of town, and left us with the keys to the theatre for the weekend". That's the energy we found and have tried to hang onto. To be audacious. Pull is not about waiting for somebody to call you, or give you permission to create. I built this festival because I wanted to. We are allowed to. Artists do not need to be proven in order to have a stage to play on.


The Pull Festival has been a true indie dream come true. In our six years running, we have seen sold out performances nearly every night. Audiences spread the word, bring friends, and look forward to every year. The festival will continue, as it has a great presence and need in our community. We only seek to grow enough to give our artists stronger means to create, and to enable more access to our loyal audiences.


In the five instalments of Pull Festival have already featured an impressive amount of emerging artists. Since its birth, Pull Festival has jump-started the careers of twelve emerging directors, sixty local actors and twenty-eight plays by Vancouver playwrights. With the assistance from our public partners, we hope to continue building upon these accomplishments.



Our FESTIVAL's Values

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General Manager

Originally from Winnipeg, Markian moved to Vancouver for the acting program at Studio 58, which he is now a graduate of. Post education, Markian formed SpeakEasy Theatre and has produced multiple plays and joined the creative team for Pull Festival. Markian continues to work as an actor on the stage and screen. 


Email: markian@speakeasytheatre.ca



Production Manager

Jenn Stewart trained at Studio 58 and has had the pleasure of working on a range of projects, including: Wardrobe Coordinator for (Electric Company), Set Designer for (Honest Fishmongers), (Hardline, Jessie Nomination), (Seizieme, Jessie Nomination) and (Itsazoo, Jessie Nomination) and as a Props Designer for (Caravan) and (Pacific). She spent three seasons at Bard on the Beach, a season as the Production Manager at Caravan Farm Theatre and Stage Managed the Canadian tour of (Seizieme). She completed her BA in History in 2013, having studied at UBC and the University of Edinburgh. She was the delightfully surprised recipient of the Sam Payne Award at the 2013 Jessie’s. She has been with PULL Fest since 2013.

Email: stewart.jenniferann@gmail.com



Pull only produces 10 minute plays that have not been previously mounted. All works must be original and playwrights must be residents of the greater Vancouver area.


Pull seeks out emerging artists from all disciplines to be involved with our festival. Pull prides itself on giving emerging artists a space to be creative and challenge their artistic abilities with limited resources.


Pull is committed to being an inclusive festival for all. We strive to create an environment for everyone to come and celebrate a night at the theatre.


Here at Pull, we don't take ourselves or the festival too seriously. With activities to go along with the evening, Pull promises to be the best time you've had watching live theatre.


Co-Artistic Director

Pippa is a Vancouver based actor/writer/producer and a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting Program. She is a Jessie Richardson Nominee  and Vancouver Sun’s Artist to Watch in 2013. As an actor Pippa has performed with such companies as: Arts Club, Gateway Theatre, Belfry Theatre, Rumble Theatre, The Escape Artists, Green Thumb Theatre, Blackbird Theatre, Staircase theatre, Delinquent Theatre and many more. She has appeared in such TV shows as: Psych, Level Up, the 100 and Supernatural.


Email: pippacmackie@gmail.com



Co-Artistic Director

Kayvon Kelly is the artistic director of SpeakEasy Theatre, and the creator of the Pull Festival. Born and raised in Saskatoon, SK. Kayvon trained at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, with a focus on playwriting. Kayvon recently produced and toured the play My Rabbi to the Edinburgh Fringe, and a run at The Firehall Arts Centre, which garnered him a Jessie Richardson nomination. This past year, Kayvon was as a member of the English Theatre Acting Ensemble at The National Arts Centre.  Kayvon is a four time Jessie Richardson award nominee.


Email: kayvon@speakeasytheatre.ca



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